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PaperShala is one of the best online examination system on the web, Which allows you to create exams smoothly without any tension. PaperShala Online examination system covers almost all basic exam requirements like student registration, Student verification, Question bank preparation, Exam schedule options, Exam resume option, instant report card, overall student report, one view on admin panel, detailed view of the exam, Paper auto expire after a certain date time, Detailed view of a question like how many times that Question served, how many time correct, how many time wrong etc.
So, in short, PaperShala exam software which is useful for coaching centers & institutes.


Comfortable on all screens

PaperShala online exam software works on all devices no matter which is a desktop, laptop, tab or mobile. So don’t need to think about comfortability. PaperShala works on every screen.

  • Desktop Support
  • Laptop Support
  • Mac Support
  • Tab Support
  • Mobile Support (All smartphones including Android & iPhone.)

PaperShala is purely browser-based application so don’t need to think about system comfortability. Our cloud based exam software will work even on low RAM devices.

Multifunctional Question Bank

PaperShala brings a Question bank feature where you need to upload your questions. Once you upload your questions then you can use these questions during exam paper creation. Here PaperShala also tells you about every possible minor thing of any particular question like total attempt, total wrong etc.

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Can customize about options quantity
  • Total served count
  • Total attempt count
  • Total Correct count
  • Total InCorrect count

Student Dashboard

PaperShala offers a separate student panel where students can give exams, check their results, check overall performance, subject wise result, classwise result, can view his/her institute details.

  • Featured Dashboard Which tells how many exams need to attend, how many he passed, how many he failed, A graphical interface which shows his performance paper by paper.
  • Complete Paper Analysis
  • Result overview with graph
  • Class Rank wise result
  • Profile section

Through the help of student panel, Student can check their old results anytime and if admin wants then they can reattempt any particular paper.

Powerful Admin Panel

We know if you want to use our online exam software then you want all rules according to your need. That’s why we design the powerful admin panel. Here you can do everything which is related to online exam. All possible functions added to your admin panel. You just need to use these functions according to your need.

  • Users – Add / Edit / Delete / Password Reset
  • Questions – Add / Edit / Delete
  • Papers – Add / Edit / Delete
  • Institue Profile – Edit
  • Result – Paper Wise Result / Student wise result / Detailed student result
  • Sepreate Student registration link
  • Question Selection in Paper – Manual / Auto load from Question Bank
  • Notifications – Free Email notifications / Phone SMS on new paper.
  • Paper Result also send to Students email when they finish their paper.

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Other PaperShala Features:

Schedule Exam Paper : 
As like others, there is no need to start your paper when you want. In PaperShala, you can schedule your upcoming tests. When your scheduled test date comes, Students can view the exam instructions and easily attempt that exam online with the help of there laptop/ computer/mobile.

Resume Exam Paper:
We solve this major problem in our examination system. Suppose all students giving their paper online and a power cut happen in your institute then all data will be gone because the paper is not submitted. But in PaperShala, all answers saved in real time, and over smart online examination software deduct the connectivity issue and stop the student time and pause the test. When next time student come to our portal he can give the same exam where he left last time. So Resume Exam paper is one of the best feature in PaperShala online examination system which is surely helpful for your coaching class institute.

Reusable Questions:
We deeply analysis institutes requirements and then make our online examination system for you. Here you don’t need to upload the same question for different exam papers. Here we have a Question bank functionality. Every question which is upload via your admin panel is added to your question bank library. Now when you are going to schedule/create a new exam paper you need to select questions from this Question bank library. You can also choose our featured function Auto select Questions, Where question automatically added to your exam paper. You can use your questions many times as you want in different exam papers.

Student Self Registration:
We understand the problem when you have 500+ students in your institute, then it might really a boring task to create a student account one by one for all of them. Here PaeperShala comes with a solution for this problem. In your admin area, you find a unique registration link in admin profile section. Just share this link to your institute notice board. All students can easily register with our online examination system. All Student accounts which register via self-registration link added to the system with disabled account status. You need to enable all those students from admin area to access your online examination system.

One Click Active / deactivate:
If any student leaves your institute, then you can disable all access from online exam portal via one click. Just go to Users area and disable that user. All users activity like results, student details are available on the system for future reference.

Instant Result after Exam:
This is totally up to Admin what he wants.If you want to show the result to students after paper then students can check their detailed result in student panel. If you don’t want to show the result with students then no one can see their detailed result. If you want to show results to students then you must need to enable result view option during paper creation. Once student submit the paper, system send an exam result email to their registered email id.

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