The online exam is too old, Now exam admins want to conduct exams with tracking facilities like screen recording, candidate live recording view during the exam, candidate system logs, etc. This type of secure exam where a teacher / Procter can check all these things called the Proctored Exam.

Due to COVID-19 many online exam administrators now want proctored exam facilities. So they can easily check the activities of all the candidates. Proctored exams give assurance for the real exam. If the software gives the proctored exam facility then we can assure that the exam conducted fairly, no cheating happens during the exam.

Ways to cheat in during online exam & solutions:

As an exam administrator, we always want to conduct a fully secured proctored online exam. So we need a fully secured solution for our online examination environment.

Possible Cheating Ways Possible Solutions
Candidate open a new browser tab and search answers on Google Examination software must give a custom exam environment where the candidate can’t minimize the exam window so he/she can’t able to search on google.
Candidate makes a call via mobile to someone and asks the answers. We can monitor candidate activities via webcam. So If the candidate moves or calls someone then he recorded in the camera.
Candidate can give his laptop/computer to another person via Remote desktop Softwares We can make our exam software EXE which disable all remote screen ports in the background so no remote connection can be done on the candidate’s laptop/computer.
Candidate can contact to hackers for modifying the result after the exam Exam Software should be updated and must have encryption and powerful security with no vulnerability. So no one can break the exam software.

The above solutions are very helpful when we are conducting remote exams. As we know nowadays due to COVID-19 situation every institute/school/college/university and other companies all are dependent on remote online exams. Here security is a major concern. because if someone cheats during the exam then it is not good for everyone. This exam proctoring is more challenging when the exam conducted outside the campus.

What PaperShala offer for a successful Proctored Exam:

We at PaperShala always believe that the online exam should be neat and clean. So in order to provide the best solutions now, we implement Procotring service in our examination software. Here in the Proctored exam feature our smart AI click candidates pics during the exam when the system found anything abnormal. Like if the candidate moves or do any activity then the system clicks the candidate picture. Exam administrators can easily see all picture which system clicks during the exam.
we also offer a secured Papershala EXE software which can be downloaded by the candidate and then double click on that EXE file. Now exam windows cover the whole desktop area. Now candidates cannot open any other browser/tab to cheat in the exam.

  • The system captures candidate images during the exam which can be viewed by the exam administrator.
  • A secured EXE file which covers all desktop screen so the student can’t open another tab/window/browser during the exam.
  • Live video stream of candidates during the exam. Live video feed exam proctoring service *
  • The system can capable to distribute questions randomly to every candidate.
  • The system can also distribute options randomly as well.
  • Exam paper availability can be easily set for a particular time duration.
  • Exam admin can easily set which paper available on a basic browser and which for EXE
  • IP address of every candidate who attempts the exam. can be recorded if the exam administrator wants.
  • Other basic features like email notifications, detailed result, time duration, easy interface, question library, report cards, graphical reports, pdf export, excel export, subjective exams, support essay based question, easy user management, paid exams with proctored service.

So if you are looking for free powerful online exam software which also give exam proctoring then PaperShala fulfills all your needs. Here we give provide free premium features free of cost for the online exams. So if you are an institute, school, college, university, company then you can use our online exam services free of cost. We are one of the best free exam software in the market which offers all premium features free of cost.

Some features list for proctored features

Proctored exam features – PaperShala

If you face any issue during the usages of Proctored exam features in our software then please write to us at  OR You can also contact via filling this form
Our support team will assist you to conduct proctored exam free of cost. Soon we share a proper video guide to conducting a successful proctored exam online. So now enjoy free exam software services by PaperShala. PaperShala is one of the best exam software which has an easy and attractive user interface for candidates as well as exam admins.