Free Best Online Exam Software For Schools

As a school admin, you always want to conduct hassle-free online exams. PaperShala will help you to conduct a fully secured online exam. We at PaperShala, Provides you all features which you required to conduct a successful exam. All premium features which your team required in the online exams are provided by our software. So If you are looking for a good free online exam software then we fulfill all your needs.
If you are looking for a Computer based test software (CBT) for online examination then PaperShala here for you. Best Free CBT software for schools to conduct online exams. Today we discuss, As a school what features you need in your online exam software to conduct all your exam like class tests, midterms, weekly tests, semester exams, half-yearly exams, annual exams with proper security, and authenticity.

Free Online Exam Software for schools - PaperShala

Free Online Exam Software for schools – PaperShala


 PaperShala Features – Online Exam Software For Schools:

  • Modern design comfortable with mobile, tabs, laptops & desktops
  • A separate account for teachers, candidates, and school super admin
  • Bulk upload facility – Bulk users upload and bulk questions upload
  • The paper duration can be set easily.
  • Custom availability of paper depends on time.
  • Random questions
  • Random options
  • Proctored exam facility
  • Negative Marking
  • Custom Marking on Individual Questions
  • Auto-select questions from questions library on given criteria
  • Can easily hide result from candidates
  • Questions with answer explanations
  • Can share answer sheet with candidates
  • Subjective Exams Supports
  • File Upload in subjective exams
  • Support Video based questions
  • Support Math equations based questions – Math Formula’s
  • The candidate can’t minimize the exam window
  • The candidate can’t switch the exam tab
  • Email notifications
  • Detailed results with attractive graphs
  • custom exe

You can check the full features here.

Question Types Which Support by PaperShala:

PaperShala supports various types of questions so you can easily conduct full featured online exam for your school. Few types of questions are listed below.

  1. Multiple Choice Single Answer: Here you can give several choices to candidates and candidates select one correct option. On MCQs, you can select custom marking and can also set negative marking.
  2. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer: Here you give multiple choices to candidates and candidates can choose multiple options. Here you can also set custom marking and negative marking on any MCMA questions.
  3. True/False: You can add true-false questions. Can be set custom marking for True/False questions and can also manage negative marking.
  4. Fill in blanks: You can set fill in blanks questions. Can be set custom marking for Fill in blanks questions and can also manage negative marking.
  5. Short Answer: You can add short answer questions and they can be auto-checked by the system. Here you can also set custom marking and negative marking.
  6. Long Answer: You can also add subjective questions so the candidate can type or upload an image/pdf in response Here teacher needs to manually evaluate and give the marks.

Through the help of the above question types, you can create a wonderful exam paper for your students. This software has all the features which your school required to conduct a full featured online exam test. Here you get all these questions types free of cost. You can start with our basic free plan. Here you can check our pricing.

Is the bulk upload facility provided by the system for school online examination?
Yes, As we analyze your need. You need to onboard thousands of students in one click here we help you. We provide an upload facility where you can upload all your candidate in one click.

Are schools can use existing Microsoft accounts for candidates?

Yes, If you students using Microsoft teams account for video classes. Then they can use the same account details on PaperShala software. Here you don’t need to change their details our smart software handles everything.

PaperShala is a very popular online exam software that can easily be used for schools. So if you looking for modern online exam software with all features then PaperShala is the one that fulfills all your needs. We use AI technology to calculate the result and our AI tools also analyze the candidate’s previous paper and generate a candidate summary which helps your teachers to work on that particular candidate. PaperShala is the best free exam software which comes in top exam software in the world.

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