As we all know nowadays online examination is common. Many companies, coaching institutes, schools, colleges, universities are using Online Examination System to conduct a secured exam. In the Remote Examination, we need to consider many things like Is the candidate is real, Is he do cheating or not, How we ensure that all things are correct. Many security and AI-based features introduced by IT companies to conduct secured and proctored exams but are all paid. We can say highly paid. So if you are looking for a Free Examination Software which gives you all premium features in zero cost. Then your search ends here. Because PaperShala provide highly required and costly features in free of cost for your schools, institutes, companies, colleges, universities etc,

PaperShala is a Free Online Exam software that provides you with all modern and advanced features which required nowadays to conduct an online exam. Our Free Exam software cover all below features

Questions type support by PaperShala - Free Exam Software

Questions which support by PaperShala Online Exam Software

  • Multiple Choice Single Answer based questions
  • True/False based questions
  • Short Answer /Fill-in blanks based questions
  • Long Answer / Subjective Paper with File upload facility-based questions

PaperShala – Free Online Exam Software Features:

We provide all premium features free of cost under the PaperShala Free Plan where you can enjoy all features. We sure your search for Free exam software surely ends here because we have a simple user interface and easy to use features which you can easily understand and use our services instantly. Here we share a few features which help you to understand our product.

  • Browser-based Responsive Application – Our software is browser-based so you can use the software on every product no matter which is a Laptop, Desktop, Android Mobile, iPhone, Macbook, etc. So here we reduce a platform dependency. You can enjoy PaperShala on every product.
  • AI-Based Proctoring Service – Our System capture candidate images during the exam so you can easily monitor all your candidates in one click. Here we also provide this proctoring service free of cost under our free examination plan.
  • Random Questions & Options – If you want to deliver your questions randomly then our software will help you. Even you can also randomly deliver options.
  • Automatic Result Calculation – Here system automatic calculate candidate result so you don’t need to waste time on evolution candidate response.
  • Detailed Result Report Analysis – Here you get the complete detailed results of every candidate like how many questions attempt by the candidate, total correct, total incorrect, total unattempt, time consume on every question, answer sheet and much more data in the graphical interface which are easy to understand.
  • Email Notifications – Our system sends automatic email alerts to candidates.
  • Full Control on Result Publish – You have the power to publish results to candidates or not.
  • Bulk Questions Upload – We support bulk question upload via an excel file.
  • Bulk Users Upload – We support bulk user upload via an excel file.
  • Response Download in PDF for Future Records – We provide a facility to download exam paper response for your records. So you can save offline.
  • Control Tab Switch – You can control how many times a candidate can switch a tab OR Minimize browser.

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Here you get all services of Free Online exam software with PaperShala. Enjoy true unlimited Free Exam Software where you don’t need to pay anything. Here you can enjoy all paid features free of cost.

How to Register Institute / College/ School on PaperShala:

You can easily register your institute on PaperShala Free Exam Portal. Here you need to fill a few basic details and start using Free Exam Software.
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